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Jumaat, 5 Februari 2010


MELALAK....MENJERIT! Biasanya gelaran ini yang diberi oleh kaum-kaum yang buta seni muzik kepada penyanyi2 yang menggunakan teknik BELTING bila menyanyi...sorry to say...sometimes it really piss me off to hear that! BELTING is not menjerit or melalak yew.....it is a singing or vocal technique yang memerlukan Range Vocal yang tinggi dan Lung Power yang mantap!

Bercakap pasal belter singer ni.....my favourite will be Jaclyn Victor, Charice Pampengco, Mariah Carey, Danyl Johnson, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and the latest one is Sam Tsui (But Sam is the most average belter compared to the others..but still love his voice)! haha...

But who is the REAL QUEEN OF BELTING?? You guys would not going to love her...including me. But OMG she is really amazing! She can belt, hit and sustain the HELL note that probably none of living human can hit like what she did.....introducing........ ERYKAH BADU!!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT....watch this video....

SO....how was she?? Hahaha...please give some comments ya...enjoy :)

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wallter berkata...

lama2 dgr mcm menjerit plak.. no offense-- but i love her! she got the voice.. kalo the whole song dgr mesti smart.. tp ni jerit2 ja kna tayang.. so mcm awkward ni! haha tp sya suka lagu dia yg low notes ja..